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Brand New Daily

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Welcome to the Brand New photo community!

Want a free iPod?

This community is for sharing photographs of the wonderful band Brand New. If you are new, please read the following...

Just a few general guidelines and rules, subject to change as necessary.

1. This is a picture posting community. Sharing icons, banners, wallpaper, etc. is perfectly fine. If you post Brand New news or a link to something Brand New-related, or anything else not mentioned, please also include a picture (this includes introduction posts). Posts without pictures will be deleted without warning to the original poster. Photos of each individual member are perfectly fine. Which means if you feel like just sharing a picture or a few of Garrett, Vinnie, Jesse, or Brian that's fine. The photos don't have to be of the whole band. But please keep in mind, this is not a Jesse Lacey photo community. Sharing photos of Jesse are fine but let's try to keep this non member-specified. If there is great enough want of a Jesse photo community, maybe I will create one. But this is for the whole band.

2. Any pictures you post must be uploaded to your own webspace. This is important! Please don't hotlink. It drains bandwidth, which is quite expensive and I doubt anyone would appreciate you using theirs up. Also don't hotlink to any pictures you see posted here. If you want to display them elsewhere, download them, then upload them to your own webspace. If you don't have a webspace or can't afford one, try Boomspeed or Photobucket. They are good for uploading pictures, and they're free.

3. Know how to use a cut-tag. If posting more than one picture, put the rest behind the cut-tag. Also, use a cut-tag if the photo is larger than 500 pixels in width.

4. No advertising other communities without approval from a moderator. If you've a question for the mods, use email (username @ livejournal.com or email the owner).

5. Please give proper spelling and grammar your best shot. That is, no netspeak, no TyPiNg LiKe ThIs, etc. Your entry or comment isn't a 125-character text message; you don't have to preserve space. :)

6. Credit isn't mandatory, but if you know where the picture came from or who took it, give credit them. If you post a picture and later find out who took it, edit your post and give them credit. It's only fair.

7. For icons, if the maker requests you credit them, then do so. They take a lot of time out of their lives to make beautiful icons to share with everyone so please due credit them as the specify. If they say you don't have to credit them, then that is their own decision.

By joining this community, you are agreeing to abide by these rules.

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Right now I am currently accepting moderators. If you would like to be a moderator of this community and help enforce the rules and make sure this community stays daily, don't hesitate to email or comment.

If you haven't already joined these fine communities, I suggest you do so...and fast.

Right now I am currently accepting affiliates. If you would like to be one, don't hesitate to email or comment.

...And inspired by such picture communities as
rupert_pictures and jude_daily

Our fabulous layout is created by the wonderful xnikax so be sure to thank her for her beautiful work.

Promoting this Community:
Promote this community every chance you get but make sure you are abiding by other community/group rules when doing so. We don't want to upset anyone and have them boycott this community. Alas, if there are no members this will not stay a daily community that long. One person can only post so many pictures of a certain amount of time.